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This option includes only the Sax performance. You can hire Sax Vibrations as a solo saxophonist either to enjoy an atmospheric music background or to spice up your party/ event.

Upon request it is possible to set up special occasions, such as birthday surprises, wedding proposals, vows renewal, etc. So feel free to use your imagination on how you can take the best advantage of Sax Vibrations when in Mykonos.

dj and sax
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Dj and Sax

This option includes the combo of Sax and Dj performance by Sax Vibrations. This is the perfect way to enjoy the full experience of a Dj and Sax show.

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IMG_4483 2.HEIC
IMG_4483 2.HEIC

Dj and Sax + Equipment

This is the complete party package. This option includes the full combo of  Dj and  Sax performance + full party equipment:

       -  Dj decks

       -  Dj console (Pioneer XDJ RX3)

      -  Professional Speakers

      -  Microphones

party sax
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Sax Vibrations

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