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Hosting a Party at your Villa, is the legit way to do Mykonos.

Whether it’s your birthday, or your bachelor/ette, or you just want to have some fun with your friends or your new friends, and you want to create a memorable and unique Party, Sax Vibrations has got you covered. With his rich experience of Mykonos open music format, (from Mainstream to disco house and techno), you can feel pretty confident about the party success.

Another way to upgrade your Mykonos vacation, is 

chilling with your friends at your private space, under the sounds of atmospheric sunset saxophone.



Sailing around the beautiful Mykonos beaches and enjoying the clear and blue water of Aegean Sea, is an amazing experience. Doing that with a background of mesmerising saxophone melodies, is a nice way to upgrade your day. It’s also an ideal scenery for proposals and any other special occasion

And of course partying on the sea is somehow a total different experience.

There is something just so dreamy about it.

Whatever the case is, Sax vibrations can take care of your musical needs, while on board.

yacht party.JPG
bride sax.jpg


        Make your special day even more fabulous with some sax vibrations, while your guests enjoy the reception drinks, or  the wedding dinner and

 skyrocket your main night entertainment with a unique Party Sax performance.

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Sax Vibrations

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