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            Sax Vibrations (Yorgos Lekkas) is a Mykonos based artist. After 6 years of residencies in Beach Bars and numerous successful day/night parties, Sax Vibrations has established himself in the music scene as the party Sax of Mykonos. Throughout his presence in the party island, Yorgos has played along with famous djs, musicians, singers from all over the world as well as participated in parties of the legendary Cavo Paradiso.

                                                               Dj and Sax Concept

The concept of a live Sax performance over the sounds of a Dj Set, combines amazingly the rhythmic dancing beats with a unique uplifting energy. This combo embraces the real essence of music (the live element) and creates a festive atmosphere, a celebration of life.

Yorgos, (Sax vibrations), is a talented saxophonist with a natural aptitude for improvising melodic tunes over any genre of house music. He is also a creative  Dj and manages moving seemlessly between these skills to deliver this beautiful energy flow to the dance floor. His rich experience in Mykonos, both as Dj and Saxophonist, dealing with so many different crowds from all over the world has empowered him with amazing crowd-reading skills, and helped him build a really open format music set. 

The combination of Mykonos vibes, that has influenced him throughout the years, and his open crowd background makes him ideal not only to adapt to any crowd's need but also to transmit effortlessly the Myconian spirit to the people.



Yorgos ,comes from a music family and was passionated about music from a very early age. At the age of 12, he was the youngest member of  the  Plucked Instruments Orchestra and participated in concerts with famous Greek artists. He also has a bachelor degree in Law and a personal specialisation in Entertainment Law.  Apart from Mykonos, he  spends his time on studio, mastering his art , or traveling to play music around Europe, Dubai , Thailand, Athens, spreading  the myconian flare to the worl . Sax Vibrations gave an astonishing performance at Red Bull Art of Motion 2021, the international parkour championship by Red Bull. At his 30, Sax Vibrations embodies the perfect combo of energy and experience to uplift any kind of event.

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Sax Vibrations

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